Our new paper

“Electromagnetically induced transparency with a single frequency comb mode probe” is going to be published in JOSA B in July 2019.

Prof. R. Scholten

visited Institute of Physics and gave talks about his research and spin-off company MogLabs. May 2019.

F. Schmid

from the group of T. Udem visited our lab as a part of a bilateral project. April 2019.

D. Aumiler

partook in a TV report on the recent paper of our group. A report was broadcast as a part of a show “Znanstveni krugovi” on the national television. April 2019.

M. Kruljac and D. Buhin

participated in Collective effects, structured light and quantum matter winterschool in Herrsching, Germany. March 2019.

M. Vilić and M. Petričević

joined our group as Master students. February 2019.

Research activities in the field of cold atoms in Croatia take place at the Department of Physics, University of Zagreb and the Institute of Physics in Zagreb.


Theoretical studies on cold atoms at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb have started in 2005. Today they are exploring interacting ultracold atomic gases in synthetic magnetic fields and searching for the anyon signatures. You can find more about their studies at the project pages.

Experimental studies are taking place at the Institute of Physics, Zagreb where the first operating magneto-optical trap in south-eastern Europe was realized in 2011. The research is focused on exploring the interaction of femtosecond pulses with cold rubidium atoms.