Job opening

We have an open PhD position on our new strontium clock experiment. If you are interested you can find more information here: Assistant (female/male, 1 candidate) for a fixed period of four years EURAXESS (

The new CALT building

with our D. Aumiler was featured in a news article from

V. Vulić visited

the group of dr. Bojan Resan where he worked on the ps Ti:Sapphire laser. October 2020.

Toma Petrinović

defended his master thesis: “Determination of cold atom temperature by absorption imaging“. Congratulations from cold atoms team! September 2020.

Ivana Puljić

joined our cold atoms group as a PhD student. September 2020.

Our new paper

Simultaneous dual-species laser cooling using an optical frequency comb” is published in Physical Review A. August 2020

We are an experimental group working in the field of atomic physics, specifically cold atoms, quantum optics and metrology.

We are based at the Institute of Physics, Zagreb where the first operating magneto-optical trap in south-eastern Europe was realized in 2011. On this page you can find out more about our experimental research.