D. Kovačić defended his Master’s thesis

Supercontinuum generation in nonlinear optical fiber” @PMF Zagreb, September 2017. Congratulations!

Ivor Krešić participated in

the conference Photonica2017 @Belgrade, August 28 – September 1, 2017.

D. Buhin will join as a PhD student

to the MeCombO experimental team, September 2017.

D. Buhin, A. Cipriš and D. Kovačić participated in

the Introductory Course on Quantum Information @Innsbruck, July 2017

D. Buhin defended his Master’s thesis

Femtosecond laser optomechanics in cold atoms” @PMF Zagreb, July 2017. Congratulations!

A. Cipriš and D. Kovačić participated in

summer school in New Frontiers in Optical Trapping and Optical Manipulation @Barcelona, July 2017

Research activities in the field of cold atoms in Croatia take place at Department of Physics, University of Zagreb  and Institute of Physics in Zagreb.



Theoretical studies of the cold atoms at Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb  have started in 2005. with the focus on the nonequilibrium dynamics of one-dimensional Bose gases.

Experimental studies are taking place at Institute of Physics, Zagreb where the first operating magneto-optical trap in south-eastern Europe was realized in 2011. The research is focused on the interaction of the femtosecond pulses with cold rubidium atoms.


Joint activities of theoretical and experimental groups have started recently with the main goal to strengthen and expand cold atom research in Croatia.