B. Babić and M. Đujić successfully defended their theses

Congratulations guys!

Ivor Krešić on the cover of PRL

Our group member Ivor Krešić is the first author on a paper published in PRL “Transforming Space with Non-Hermitian Dielectrics” which is also on the cover of the corresponding issue!

We published a new paper:

Frequency-comb-induced radiation pressure force in dense atomic clouds” in JOSA B.

A. Cipriš joined our group as a Postdoc.

Ana will work as a postdoc student on our Sr atomic clock experiment. She was previously a PhD student at the group of Robin Kaiser and has rich expertise in collective interactions. Welcome back Ana!

B. Babić, M. Đujić and L. Lokas joined QT group as Master students.

Bruno is working on our Rb cavity cooling experiment, Marin on quantum memories, and Luka on hot vapor propagation effects. Welcome guys!

Quantera 2021 project

Neven Šantić will lead the Croatian part of the research within the project NImSoQ: New Imaging and control Solutions for Quantum processors and metrology, a QuantERA 2021 project, which is conducted in cooperation with partners from Poland (Creotech) and Germany (MPQ). The aim of the project is the design, prototyping and validation through the use in cutting-edge research of a new camera adapted to the requirements of reading and control of qubits in atomic systems. This camera, along with a dedicated control system, will be a key device that will enable the implementation of advanced quantum algorithms, protocols with multiqubit operations and debugging architectures based on qubits of cold atoms or trapped ions.

We are an experimental group working in the field of atomic physics, specifically cold atoms, quantum optics and metrology.

We are based at the  where the first operating magneto-optical trap in south-eastern Europe was realized in 2011. On this page you can find out more about our experimental research.

The Quantum Technology Group is one of the groups within the Centre for Advanced Laser Techniques (CALT) at the Institute of Physics in Zagreb, Croatia. We are an experimental group engaged in research in the field of quantum simulators based on (ultra)cold atoms, quantum metrology and sensors, and quantum communications. In addition, a National Laboratory for Time and Frequency will be established by the group. The laboratory will provide the official Croatian time and measurement traceability to the SI units for time and frequency.

Research in the field of quantum simulators includes development of new techniques for laser cooling and trapping of cold rubidium atoms based on an optical frequency comb, frequency-comb-induced optomechanics in a highly reflective optical resonator as well as simulators based on quantum fluids of light.

Research in the field of quantum metrology include the establishment of an optical atomic clock based on cold strontium atoms. Activities in this direction have already begun, and the operational of an atomic clock is expected by the end of 2023.

Research in the field of quantum communications includes the development of new types of quantum memories based on different atomic systems. We are using an optical frequency comb and EIT and AFC protocols to explore the multimode character of quantum memories.